About Us
ASP SOLTREND CO., LTD. is reliable and established company, specialized in providing products, systems and services in the renewable energy sector. ASP SOLTREND CO., LTD. has been working in manufacturing, assembling and system integration of solar power system and representing various multinational companies in world wide as their master distributor and dealers and has diversified into many solar application projects system integration internationally.With many years’ focus on Africa solar markets, the company is well positioned with the appropriate products for African people and experience to play an important role. ASP SOLTREND has a total involvement and commitment towards increasing the use of renewable energy in helping to solve the Africa’s energy needs.

Contributing to the world’s green energy development and alleviating world’s energy crisis, bringing a brighter future for you.
To focus on our customers’ need and provide One-Stop Solutions for the customers by high quality solar products.
The company primarily distributes products throughout the world through its extensive distributor network.The company provides solar power for households, clinics, hospitals, schools, hotels, telecommunication equipment, and solar water pumps for drinking and irrigating.

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